Guitarra Limpia


- 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution;
- 4 Round-Robin cycles;
- Auto fret & string-off noises;
- 4 sound modes: Plucked, Slide, Amp 4×12, Duelling amps;
- You can control sound modes also using Modulation;
- Plucked & Slide modes offers You 10 pick-up types and position management;
- Amp 4×12 mode comes from a real Gratifier 4×12 amplifier;
- Duelling amps offers You 2 real guitars on a stage with 10 individually distortion types for each guitar in 2 layers: crunched and sustained;
- On the left, real slides, real crunches and real fret noises!
- Strummer function to instantly play your own rhythm!
- Non-compressed file size of 102MB (330 samples);




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