Zero-G Ambient vol.1 Kontakt WAV

Zero-G Ambient vol.1 Kontakt WAV

Zero-G Ambient vol.1 Kontakt WAV


Produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician Ian Boddy, Ambient Volume 1 contains a fantastic array of dreamy atmospherics and FX for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic/ spacey/ trance music of all kinds. Combining the hypnotic charms of Jarre, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and so on with current dance trends, "Ambient" is designed to mellow you out with relaxing washes, laid back rhythms and strange sound effects.

'Ambient Volume 1' aims to give you all the sounds you need to create your own mind-warp experiences. A lot of the best chill-out tunes are composed with old analogue synths, with loads of spacey sound effects riding over the music. Not surprising then, that the CD starts off with a selection of Star Trek-style warbles and wooshes. Most of these can be looped whether they're background drones or rhythms. Unlike vocals or drum loops, you can get away with sampling these at quite low rates, so long as you filter out the top end, to get rid of the inherent ringing overtone.

More synth-created sounds take us up to track 22. These include some raw synthetic waves, such as triangle and sawtooth loops, which could be used to synthesise your own sounds. Now it all starts to get rather ethnic, with drums and shakers from various parts of the world. Yet more assorted synth effects and atmospheres work their way between the percussion, before real-world sound effects get a look in.

To get the most out of these sounds, you need to have enough memory free for some really long samples. However, if you're recording your music to tape, rather than writing for a game or a demo, with the help of a mixer, sounds can be 'spun in' directly from the CD in the true spirit of ambient jamming. With deft use of the fast-forward and rewind buttons on the CD player, you can throw in any sound that takes your fancy, as you record the main tune from the computer. This Ambient CD is definitely a grower, capable of adding some real depth to your spookier tunes.


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